I met Brian Norvell a couple of years ago. He had been doing some coaching for years for his team, for his recruiting and just because he loves to help people. I joined his team as soon as I could make the switch and we teamed up on some live coaching events. As a result, I saw him in action dozens of times. And every time I saw him coach on almost any topic, I learned something new that I knew would help maximize production, maximize community impact and minimize potential problems for my agents and their clients. More importantly, I also noticed his audiences really respond to him, grasp the concepts that he taught and become inspired to take action themselves. I have since seen the results some of those attendees have achieved in the months and years following. It has been impressive. Brian has long been a top 1% producer in the one of the largest markets in the U.S., but his real gift, as I saw it, was in conveying that knowledge and experience and inspiring others to achieve similar success. So, he and I decided to put together a platform to coach, train and inspire many more people and to elevate the quality of our industry.

Austin T. Trupp
Trupp Real Estate Group, Augusta GA